Everyday Fitness Tips

1. Set small achievable goals.
     Whether it be weekly or monthly set the goals small and then reset often. Don’t expect a big result with a small time frame. Slow to health and weight loss is healthiest.
      Your nutrition should be a lifestyle. Instead of dieting, change up the way you eat. Try taking out fast food, soda, meat, sugar etc.  Don’t deprive yourself of anything just train your mind and body to eat less of what you love. Portion control and eating more small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals. I often recommend to my clients to food journal or keep track of ALL your food intake in an app like, My Fitness Pal. And ask a profession where your markers should be in order to maintain health or weight loss.
       These 3 factors can help to reduce weight and maintain health not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.
4. No or low caffeine. No or low alcohol.
         I have quite a few natural sources that can help aid in energy without the side affect caffeine offers. And alcohol is self explanatory ;)
5. Switch out what you love with healthier versions.
    I have TONS of ideas but one is using cauliflower crust for pizza or mashed potatoes.
6. Know your body.
      Every BODY is different and I individualize my clients training and nutrition according to what works for them. No two are alike. One size does not fit all. Example: 1 scoop of protein powder does not work for a 130lb female and 230lb. male. Get to know your body and nutritional needs.
7. Create a concrete stop time for eating.
         I stop eating at 7pm every night. Exceptions are vacations/holidays and one weekend date night. To help me on this I will brush, floss and mouthwash at 7. If that doesn’t work, chew gum ;)
          In order to maintain longevity with your health goals you should enjoy your holiday meals and special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries without guilt because the other 364 days a year you are being healthy about your food choices. And enjoy a cheat meal weekly NOT cheat day.
           I did not put this first because nutrition is more important! 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise is my motto. BUT,  exercise is SOOOO important! You cannot have one without the other. Nutrition and exercise should always go hand in hand. I train my clients in both areas. Ideally you should do weight training 3 days a week and cardio 6. Taking a full rest day per week. This does not mean you have to kill yourself at the gym. Like I said before every BODY is different and requires different amounts of training depending on your goals. Your weight training could be a group fitness pump class. Your cardio could be 20 min walk. Create consistency with your workouts. Same time everyday helps.
       Find something that motivates you and think on that often. It could be a friend, a fitness guru, memes, trainer, praying, a fitness social media account. This will help create a positive mindset when you go forward with your health journey. Remove negativity and embrace positivity.

ALWAYS seek the help of a professional if you are lost in knowing how to exercise or eat. We are here with tons of knowledge to get you going! I tell my clients often that I am here to help but not be their crutch. I want to create a program that they can do on their own someday and help set up healthy eating habits that are attainable for longevity!

You should never pay a trainer or nutritionist who is not schooled or certified. You should never pay a trainer or nutritionist who is only out for your money. Ask questions!!! Ask to see certifications, ask to speak to other clients or former clients. Do your research. And never be afraid to leave your trainer and seek out a new one if the fit feels off or advice isn’t sound. I always encourage my clients to find a trainer, gym or fitness class that motivates them even if it’s not me. We are all different.



Lena Gines


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