Home School PE

While home schooling my 5 children, I felt a need to have to have them involved in a PE class of some sort. Nobody was offering one, so I jumped on board with my years of fitness experience and started one at the YMCA. It was great for the kids and parents. Now I own my own place and can offer your children a structured PE class.

During these classes we will do typical PE activities such as games, but we will also work with some equipment safety, focusing on form and conditioning. Also included in this class will be some basic nutrition information on foods and how they work with our body.

Home School PE consists of 4 week sessions, the first one beginning September 6th.


Times: 1 - 2 pm, Tuesdays

This class will run in 4 week sessions so when you pay, it will be for 4 weeks.

$20 per child per session or $60 per family per session

Classes will take place at Get Fit - 2672 N 72nd St., Omaha, NE

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Lena Gines


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