Need some added motivation to slim down this summer? Join our Summer Slim Down Challenge! Session Two Begins June 8th!!!


For $30 you will be entered into one session of our challenge. Your $30 entitles you to weekly weigh-ins, optional nutrition consultation with Lena and the opportunity to win the cash prize! The size of the cash prize will be dependent on the number of challengers entered into your session.


The First Session begins April 1 and Ends June 6,2015.  The Second Session begins June 8 and ends July 30, 2015.



Your first weigh in must take place within the first week of the competition (Session 1: April 1 - 4, Session 2: June 8-13).


Weekly weigh-ins will take place before or after Lena's regular classes. We recommend you weigh-in on the same day each week for consistency. The weekly weigh-ins are optional.


Each Sunday night a spreadsheet will be emailed with everyone's progress. This spreadsheet WILL NOT include your weight, only your percentage of weight loss. If you did not weigh-in that week, the total percentage will not change.


There will be a mandatory mid-point weigh-in (Session 1: April 29 -May 5th, Session 2: June 27-July 3) to check everyone's progress.


The final weigh-in will take place between June 2-6, 2015 for session 1 and July 25-30, 2015 for session 2.


The final weight percentages will be based on the first week's weight minus your final weight, which determines your total weight loss. That total number of pounds of weight loss will then be divided by your first weeks weight, which will determine the final percentage of weight loss. 


The cash prize winner will be the person who has lost the largest percentage of weight at the end of the challenge session. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who attended the most weigh-ins.


Sign-up via credit card NOW. To pay via check or cash contact Lena at Get Fit or call 402-403-9193.




Lena Gines


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